Let eet Go - Heavina BabyMenzel : [sfm]

Posted by gary the douche
DL AUDIO: https://mega.co.nz/#!o593QRYA!O7oA8xzhvrqG_VzjBeLiPyVdfAGxFi2BJaeyZ7php28 If you weren't sick and tired enough of Frozen, here's some more, motherfucker! Walt Blutarch's Magic Fortress Kingdom brings you the vocal stylings of Heavina Mendel singing Let eet Go! This was supposed to be up like last week, but I severely underestimated the amount of work I had left, sorry! :( Also sorry I've been dead for so long...it ain't easy getting in touch with a voodoo priest in the metropolitan area willing to bring you back from the dead for cheap. This started out as just a silly audio-only remix and then I wondered "haha wouldn't it be funny if I made an sfm out of this with like disney-like animation and stuff just wondering haha" Over half a year later, here we are.
Posted June 23, 2014
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