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Bad Apple!! (HQ, Download, English subtitles)

Posted by Klepto Monkey
Bwahaha FOUR MILLION VIEWS! Another Touhou video from Niconico. These lyrics are different than those found at the Touhou Wikia and in many other versions of this video, but they have been checked by a native Japanese speaker and are correct. The English translation by Cristina Vee is a loosely translated paraphrase that necessarily has to be less literal in order to make it rhyme in English. This doesn't mean it's a bad translation; it's awesome for what it is; my translation is more literally correct -- but neither translation is "wrong." Don't know what this Touhou thing is all about? See for some clues! Arrangement by Masayoshi Minoshima. Lyrics by Haruka. Vocal by nomico. Original video: Torrent: Direct download:
Posted January 24, 2014
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