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[SFM] SA2 Scene Recreation: Faker!

Posted by Sparrow  
If you liked this video, please share it around and leave a like, that helps more than you know. Here it is finally, this is kind of a sequel to my first Sonic scene recreation that I did forever ago ( I wanted to do this in a different direction, instead of closely following the cutscene and the scene setup, I decided to just use the audio and direct a better scene. Also to include a bit of the fight and the cutscene after. This is my first real animation-focused video and I hope you like it. I've been working on this thing for about a month and a half now and I'm thankful that it turned out as well as it did. Follow me on Twitter: You can download the Sonic models from here: Huge thanks to Chaofanatic ( for creating the homing attack and spin dash particles. You can download them here: if you like. The map I used is Lost Forest on the SFM Workshop located here: Here is the full image of the thumbnail I made: The majority of the sound effects and all of the music was taken from various Sonic games. Songs used were: Won't Stop, Just Go Shut up Faker! both by Jun Senoue on the Sonic Adventure 2 soundtrack Woo, featured on The Sonic Stadium: And GameInformer wow: And featured on this excellent article:
Posted August 30, 2014
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