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Super Mario 64 HD Fan Remake - Developer Showcase

Posted by Sparrow  
► New? Subscribe! → ↓ ↓ Click "Show More" for more information! ↓ ↓ Super Mario 64 Fan Remake is a not for profit project being developed by a team of individuals passionate about the magic of the original game. Interested in joining the project? We are always looking for more help! Join our facebook development group - We also have a fan facebook page you can follow for updates! Follow the developers featured in the video! Aryoksini mStuff Callum Martin Chadtronic Super Mario 64 Fan Remake logo designed by Keith Jackson Like the music in the video? It was recomposed for the remake by these folks! "Opening Scene (Orchestral Remake)" "Dire Dire Docks (Orchestral Remake)" "Koopa's Road (Orchestral Remake)" All composed by AdulescensFMusic "Bomb-omb Battlefield" (Joshua Milo Remake) "Wing Cap Theme" (Joshua Milo Remake) All composed by Joshua Milo *Nintendo owns the rights for the music, characters, textures, maps, and more in this game. This is a fan work adding emphasis to a classic Nintendo 64 hit, creator makes no profit from the game, and is not an official remake by Nintendo. Thanks for the support!
Posted January 4, 2015
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